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Professional videographer


With a variety of services and custom-made solutions, We are ready and eager to tackle your next project. Take a look below at the unique service offerings to see what we can do for you, and reach out with any questions.

We tell all kinds of stories for every kind of audience. Whether it’s covering a brand’s latest project launch, showcasing pressing geopolitical issues, or covering the latest tech trends, we have a video for you.

Video Production


Welcome to the GREAT show.

  • Whether you’re after a documentary-style corporate video, a sizzle reel, an industrial/training film, or a product demo, we’ll direct you to success. With our live shoots, we implement the best people and the finest equipment as we make your movie and mine your messaging. Equipped with Canon C300 Mark II high-end cinema cameras and an on-set crew featuring a director, producer, gaffers, and director of photography, we create a professional atmosphere to unearth the most authentic footage.


Assembled with care to complete your vision.

  • Everyone needs an editor. This vital step puts the pieces together, coalescing all the work, ideas, and raw elements into a shared vision. Geared up with Adobe Premiere Pro software, we carefully blend a mix of what we captured during live shoots and/or sourced footage. We splice and tinker with all the bits of content, weaving artful transitions to give the video the perfect rhythm and pacing to arrive at the core of the narrative and make the best audience impression.


Bringing kinetic energy to static imagery to energize your brand forward

  • If you’re going to have a “knock-their-socks-off” video, you’re going to want to include some motion graphics. This feature has transcended being a mere extra flourish to an absolute necessity and we’re here to ensure that your assets come to life. Employing digital tools from the Adobe Creative Suite, we arrive at a design for your video to match the desired visual direction surfaced during mood board exercises and your delivered creative brief.

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